Mehron Makeup Kit Box For Special FX

Makeup kit is what every girl need and have to use every day. To meet all types of makeup needs, Mehron has come up with this special FX makeup kit. In this special product, you’ll experience why Mehron is selling their beauty product from the last 90 years. Surprisingly, no matter if you are a pro or the beginner in the makeup field, this product will satisfy all your makeup needs. Let’s have a look what make it best for you.


Step-By-Step Pictorial Instructions

All that we need from a makeup product is some special effects a product can offers. This product provides Step-by-step pictorial instructions for special effects. Using it is easier compared to other similar products.

All in One Product

With this product in your hand, you don’t need to buy any other product to beautify yourself. It comes with an 8-color palette with 3 Mask Covers and 5 Color Cup Colors, Latex Clear, 1 oz. Squirt Blood, Large Powder Puff, 2, and much more.

Learning Is Easy

For beginners, it is hard to adapt to a new product and create the most special effects like a pro. But with this product, you can learn easily to create a variety of looks up to the most advanced special effects

In The Market Since 1927

Mehron is proudly making this product in the USA since 1927. Mehron has brought their 90 years of experience in this product. It contains everything you need for your next special effects project.


Limited Colors

This makeup product is overall a great choice but it lacks the variety of colors some other similar products have.

Quality Problems

Though the product shipped in a fast manner, in some cases quality of the product is not as great as was claimed. In some cases, the 3D gel was found dry and few items were old and broken.

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