Wooden Natural Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set with Nail File, For Newborns and Toddlers, Grooming Kit, Soft Goat Bristles…

Amazon.com Price: $19.95 (as of 22/07/2021 18:47 PST- Details)

♥PROTECT YOUR BABY’S SKIN – ALL NATURAL SET, EXTREMELY SOFT: We know that when it comes to your newborn baby or toddler, its safety first, which is why our 2 brushes and comb set is made from premium, all natural components. It includes a 100% natural, soft goat hair brush, a natural bench wood massage hair brush made with rounded wooden bristles, and a maple wood comb. Our brushes are so gentle that it’s perfectly safe to comb over your baby’s natural soft spot.
♥HAVE A SAFE AND BETTER GRIP – WOODEN HANDLE: Hands get wet at shower and bath time, and you want to make sure you have a secure grip when you’re brushing your newborns or babies hair. The wood handle of Ha&Da’s hairbrush is made of 100% natural bench wood with no chemical coating, which is better and safer than plastic because it won’t release harmful fumes, formaldehyde or glues. The included premium hair comb is toothed with fine, eco friendly maple wood that glides while detangling hair.
♥EFFECTIVELY PREVENT CRADLE CAP: Cradle cap is a condition in which your baby gets dry, flaky, patchy skin on the scalp. It won’t harm them, but it’s not pleasant. Cleaning and brushing your child’s hair with the Ha&Da brush after a bath or shower helps condition the hair. It also distributes the hair’s natural oil down the hair shaft, helping to eliminate cradle cap by not allowing the scalp to become too dry. In addition, brushing baby’s hair before bed encourages deep, relaxing sleep.

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